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Andrea and I have finished Leverage. August 2014
It almost seemed that they could have split the show into two shows at the end.
1. Alias Nick and Nora
– Nate and Sophie keep getting involved in rich society capers while trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Weekly phrase, to be said by either of them: “I thought we were going to retire,” followed by the other, “Well, just this one…” They may run afoul of insurance wonks and occasional appearances by Mark Sheppard.
2. Leverage, Inc. (AKA Leverage:OT3)
– Parker, Nate, and Elliot travel wherever they are needed to help out those people whom the Banks affected. Sometimes it’s a little thing, and other times it might be big, but it’s always action-packed. Each week they pick from a rotating cadre of shady characters who owe them one. or are trying to help because they may be crooks, but they are humans.


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